Bridger Bowl Wedding {Andrew and Whitney}

Whitney grew up on the slopes of Bridger Bowl. Her grandparents owned a cabin up at Bridger and her mom once told me she was skiing down this mountain with Whitney in a front pack as an infant. This place is so much more to Whitney than a ski resort. It's a place filled with memories and nostalgia....

What a sweet way to begin your the base of one of the most spectacular views on earth...even if it was a bit covered by rain clouds. What I loved about this day was how the pouring rain outside didn't come close to extinguishing the joy in Whitney and Andrew's hearts. I love it when the beauty of a person's character is what you notice most on their wedding day. Seeing Andrew and Whitney together made my heart full. The way he looked at her....the way she looked at him...they will love well.

This wedding also represented the gift of time; the reminder to hug and cherish those around you. No one would have expected that Andrew's dad would pass away only two short days after this special day. What a gift this family had to spend their last days together in such joyous celebration. Life is hard, but God is good; He is kind even in the most unexpected and tragic moments of life.

The beauty of this day was in so much more than the spectacular surroundings. It was in the people; the laughter; the smiles.....

Venue: Deer Park Chalet
Dress: Eskay Bridal
Food & Drinks: Bridger Bowl
Desserts: Clark's Fork
Flowers: Costco
Cake: Safeway


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