4 Generations Senior and Family Shoot {Trent}

There is a group of boys graduating this year who I have known since they were preschool age...makes me feel a little old. It's a little bitter-sweet to see them grow up and move on.

Trent is one of them. I remember babysitting him as a 3 year old. He was a handful....hahaha...and still is. ;-) But in all seriousness, this kid has such a special place in my heart and always will. I have precious pictures of Trent and his sister Kailey holding my 12 year old Marian as a newborn. These are dear friends to say the least...

This was not your typical shoot...the family brought me out to their farm in Clyde Park where Jason, Trent's dad, grew up. Sweetest family ever. About 15 years ago after a long day of cutting the wheat (I probably totally said that wrong, sorry. . . I'm such a city slicker!) Becky brought Trent up to check on the guys. Spur of the moment she snapped a picture with Trent, his dad, uncle, grandpa, and great grandpa. It's been a beloved picture ever since and someone had the idea to re-create the four generation picture during Trent's senior shoot. These guys were into it! It was a literal re-creation....from the hats, to the shirts, to the way they held their arms. Becky even managed to find a basketball patch for Trent's knee. We had so much fun getting it exactly the same. I love that Trent got to have his great grandpa in his senior pictures.

Needless to say the whole day was AMAZING...complete with a combine ride and dinner made by Martha Stewart. . . oops . . . I mean Dee, Jason's mom. ;-) She even made carrot sticks look beautiful. I'd probably drive back out to Clyde Park just to eat her food. She's that good.

I'll stop talking so you can enjoy Trent's pictures. . .


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