Macy's Senior Portraits

Trying to get caught up here on the blog....

This is a beautiful, athletic, fun high school senior at Heritage Christian School. Not to mention, she has a great name (same as my daughter's)  =). We went to an awesome location off of Bridger Canyon Dr. I love this spot. It has awesome trees, tall grass, a river and a glimpse of the "M". How much better does it get than that?! I have a feeling this will be a popular spot for my seniors this year. I love that Macy wanted to do some fly fishing at her shoot. Anytime seniors can make the shoot their own and really let the pictures capture who they are I am happy. =) This was fun. Enjoy the pics!

I love that she brought her dog....I hope my girls can do this with ours. =) 

Hands down, the best "fish face" I've ever seen....hidden talent right there! =) 

Isn't this gorgeous?!  

I love when moms come =) 

Go Falcons! Just went to one of Macy's games the other night...she ROCKS it. =) 


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