Heilig Family Reunion {Bozeman Family Photographer}

Simply put, I LOVE kids. So when lots of them are in front of my camera at one time, I'm a happy camper.... or better said, photographer. =)

This family had lots of cuties for me to take pictures of and I loved it. It's always a race against the clock with kiddos, and sometimes you get everyone happy at once and sometimes you don't...but that's okay, because it captures the moment as it really happened.

All that to say, this was a fun shoot for my girls and I, not to mention the light was AMAZING at Lindley, as always.

This one totally cracks me up....I just love it! 

My daughter caught this one...love it!

Heilig family-- it was fun working with you guys...your kids are so adorable. I hope the rest of the reunion was a blast!


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