Baby Bump... Gannon Maternity Shoot

If you've followed this blog at all, you'll recognize this cute couple. . . I simply cannot tell you how excited I am to meet this little boy. Our family is ready to love, hold and HOG him. =) With two sets of grandparents in Bozeman, aunts and uncles near, not to mention lots of friends close by, Justin and Justine will not have any trouble with getting out for date nights. I may or may not have reminded Justine a few times that she has to drive RIGHT by house to go to work. =)

There's just something about a pregnant tummy. It's beautiful and always brings a smile to my face to know another precious life is coming into the world. Enjoy this adorable couple and of course the best part . . . the baby bump!

 So proud of my little Marian for taking these first two pictures. Love the angle she was able to get. 

 And yes, he will be a Bobcat Fan =) 
I must add, for the sake of his grandparents...when it comes to the NFL, 
he will also be a big time Packers Fan! 

 These guys are some of our best friends...we laughed so much during this shoot. 
Justin is a guitar player. As soon as we set up this shot, we laughed because she reminded us 
of a guitar.... =)


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