26 Years and Counting....Gossack Anniversary Shoot

This post needs an intro. =) You might remember Ray and Julie Gossack. Julie was diagnosed with a rare and very serious form of cancer nearly a year ago. If you follow the above link, you can read about the beginnings of her amazing journey with appendix cancer and her perspective to bring glory to God in the midst of her pain. She has had quite a year.....from multiple rounds of chemo, to a few set backs of a punctured lung, to an aggressive treatment referred to as the HIPEC surgery. She has been through so much and she is still clinging to her Savior. Her body has responded tremendously to the HIPEC surgery and she has had no detectable cancer for the past few months. She will continue to be checked every few months.  She has made the most of her time "in the clear" by teaching a women's bible study and continuing to work on writing bible study material.  

Okay, so here's the story on THIS shoot.......Last September Ray and Julie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in the Emergency Room at the start of a journey that would literally turn their world upside down. Ray and Julie were told that evening that Julie had cancer. 

Julie approached me this summer about doing an Anniversary photo shoot with just the two of them as a way to make a new anniversary memory and to celebrate another wonderful year together. I would imagine that one spouse getting cancer would really remind you of the preciousness of your marriage and every day spent together. These two are High school Sweethearts and I love watching them together. There's no "pretending" to be in love when it comes to this sweet couple. Even doing this shoot encouraged me to keep loving my husband and seeking to have a great marriage. Enjoy pictures of a precious couple.......

 Some of you may remember Julie's words to our High School Girls at youth group shortly after she was diagnosed with cancer. She told them "It's all still true." Everything about God-- His love, His goodness, His sovereignty, His care....IT'S ALL STILL TRUE. A sweet friend made her a necklace with those words inscribed on it. 

The reason for their strong marriage....a close and intimate walk with Jesus and a solid foundation on God's precious Word.  

 My personal favorite....their feet were freezing, but it was worth it. =) 

 When I was in the water with Ray and Julie, my daughter Marian (who is my faithful assistant) sat and put this together...love it. 

 Ray loves to fish. Julie thought it would be neat to get some shots of him "teaching" her to fish. 
Love these ones.

 Headed over to a friend's wheat field. So thankful they got permission to go on this land...it was beautiful and surrounded by mountains. 

 Happy 26th Anniversary Ray and Julie....when I see this picture I think of you looking back on all the precious years you've had together and rejoicing in the Lord and His faithfulness in your lives - individually, and in your marriage. Thank you for your example of the genuine love you have for each other, for our Savior, and for the body of Christ. 




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