Gossack Family {Bozeman Family Photography}

"It is all still true!" 

This next shoot was one I will never forget. Every picture I took, every picture I edited impacted me in a great way. This family has a story. A very touching story....let me share a bit about them.

About 2 months ago, Julie was told she has a rare and very serious form of cancer. In a matter of weeks, the Gossack family was turned upside down. At this point, the prognosis does not look good for her appendiceal cancer. Julie is a wife, a mom, a friend, etc.....but more importantly she is a follower of Jesus. The way I began this post, "It is all still true!"is what she told our high school girls at church. You see, Julie has spoken to the high school girls in our youth group a number of times over the past year. She has taught us how to love Jesus more each and every day. She has reminded us to think on the attributes of God (His love, goodness, mercy, faithfulness, etc.) each day. She has helped us to "tend our hearts" so that we can fight sin and grow in Christlikeness. She knew that when her diagnosis was made know to the girls in our youth group that many would be wondering "how do you still seek to grow in your relationship with God and believe Him in the midst of such earth-shattering news?!!"

She came less than 2 weeks after she was diagnosed with cancer to our youth group and talked with our girls once more. It was so important to her to answer the question she knew was in the minds of many of the girls. One of the first things she said during her message to our group was, "It is all still true." God is still good. He is still loving. He is still merciful. He is still wise. He is still kind. She isn't wavering from these truths even in the midst of a terrifying time. In fact, she is clinging tighter than ever. She is longing to see her Savior's face.

This family is real. They are hurting. They are grieving. This is not easy. But, they are TRUSTING. Not in themselves. They are trusting in their Savior. He is giving them grace and strength to walk through this trial. Please pray for them. Pray everyday that the Lord would carry them in His mighty power through these difficult days ahead. If you are interested in hearing the message Julie gave at our girl's night you can click here.

As you look through these pictures, I am confident you will see the joy on their faces as they spent time together taking these pictures. I love the way Ray and Julie look at each other with love and longing for more time. It brings tears to my eyes. I love the way Julie looks at her sons with such love and tenderness. I love seeing Ray and his sons and knowing they will need to draw strength from one another and comfort one another as they walk the road ahead. I love seeing Julie lift her hands to heaven. I love seeing this family's hands together....ready to walk this road together. I love that these pictures that include Ashley, Landon's soon-to-be wife, because it reminds me that even in the midst of crushing sorrow that God is bringing joy to this family. I love that they can still laugh with each other even if deep down they are grieving.

God is still good, even in the face of devastating news like cancer. This family is living this truth every single day. I pray you would be impacted by this family, their faces, and their story as much as I have.

Julie-- thank you for your friendship. Thank you for the impact you've had in my life. Thank you for helping me to live each day thinking about putting off sin and putting on righteousness. Thank you for helping me to never look at a STOP sign the same way again. =) You are a woman after God's own heart and you are ever committed to teaching and discipling....even in the midst of your cancer I am learning from you. I am learning from you how to accept God's ways even when they are hard. You have left a significant impact on me and my friendship with you causes me to want to run hard after God. Thanks for not only teaching me, but SHOWING me how to love Jesus more.

I love you so much!

~ Tracy

This picture is a fun reminder that we did this entire shoot IN THE RAIN!!!


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