Madisen {Bozeman High Senior Portraits}

What a beautiful day this was at Rocky Creek Farm. I have gone to this farm for years with my kids...berry picking, hay mazes, hay rides, pumpkin patch, apple picking and making cider.....farmer Pete is the best! Come to find out, Madisen and her family have gone here since she and her brother were super little. It was so great to have Madisen's mom along--she is incredibly sweet and fun. She watched my puppy (whom I had just picked up hours before this shoot), helped with the props, kept Madisen's wardrobe organized....come to think of it, maybe I should hire her to assist me! =) 

Madisen has been apart of our church youth group since she was a freshman and she has faithfully walked with Christ all throughout her high school years. Her relationship with Jesus is genuine and real. She has grown in her understanding of God's Word and her love for Jesus is contagious among her friends. Madisen, her mom and I spent some time in prayer before we began taking pictures so we could thank our great God for keeping this young lady pure, faithful to Him and asking Him to continue to use her as a light for Christ. Enjoy watching the light of Christ shine throughout every picture she takes. Keep shining for Jesus, Madisen! 

Madisen and Dawn- you are both a me, to the body of Christ and to all you know. 
Thanks for asking me to do these was a blessing. 
Love you guys


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