Cousins in Phoenix!

Over Spring break my family and I travelled to Arizona on vacation. Thankfully we were able to visit with my husband's Mom, Sister and her beautiful children...our niece and nephew! We thought this would be a great time to take some family portraits with Grandma. I couldn't post these until now because Holly and I were using them for birthday gifts for Rhonnie. I will cherish these pictures of the cousins with Grandma forever. 

My awesome Sister-in-law Holly and her adorable kiddos....

She is such a great Mom. Sister. Friend.....I love that she sends me texts all the time with pictures of the kids or their school papers, etc. It always makes my day. I always hate to type the "in-law" part because she's more than that....she's a "sister" to me and one of my best friends. 

So thankful for Marian's goofy-ness going on behind me.
I really don't know what she was doing, but I remember her doing something with
my hair-- it worked-- they were hysterical! 

I love Jon's Mom. My favorite thing about her is how much she laughs. I think she laughed for most of this shoot. I'm glad. It reminds me of her. Jon has that same quality and I am so thankful for that. It fills our home with lots of laughter. Thanks for passing that on to your son, Rhonnie!

I think this would look awesome on a canvas. These two make my heart melt.
Aren't they the cutest?!

Again, great smiles thanks to Marian!

I love that she's grabbing his tie-- I did not tell her to do this.

They did this on their own. Not sure what he was saying, but it was too cute.
I'm glad my camera was ready. =)

They actually knocked her over after this. She is such a sport.

Grandma loves her grandkids so much and she is so great with them.
I must mention here that she makes the best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Raisin Cookies ever!
I make them all the time, but they never turn out as good as hers.
In fact, I wish I had one of her cookies right now.

The girls loved being with Grandma.

Finally noticed the sunglasses on this one.

Okay, then we got down and had some pure fun with just the cousins!

Silly Faces

I hope they always "reunite" like they did this visit. I was always so close with my cousins growing up and I loved watching the girls with theirs. 

Love Will's face in this one.

Tried this...I don't know how many times...harder than it looks to get four kiddos in the air at the same time. I picked this one, though, because I just love Will. He definitely ROCKS this picture!

Because we flew, I had no props or ladders.
Thankfully I have a tall husband. He was my ladder! =)
I love how Will and Marian are so "proper" and Lucy and Macy
just seem crazy....definitely captures the personalities.

I had to include this one, only because my eight year old, Marian took it! She was so proud, and I was so proud of her too. Camera was totally set on manual and she was shooting wide open. (My photographer friends will understand what I mean by that). Good job, Mare!


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