The Smith Family {Bozeman Family Photographer}

This sweet family is good friends of ours. When my daughter Marian switched schools in first grade, Kai was in her class. After spending some time in the class volunteering I soon began to pray that Kai and Marian would get to be good friends. She is the sweetest little girl who loves Christ even at such a young age. Well, the Lord answered my prayer and they have become great friends. They are like two peas in a pod and it's so fun to watch. Hudson is such an awesome kid (and a black belt) who has just as sweet a heart as his sister. I could go on and on, but once I met Steve and DeAnne it was clear to see where the kids' sweetness comes from. Even their dog is sweet! =) 

Steve, DeAnne, Hudson and Kaiana

It's funny how it doesn't look that cold, but it was! They were troopers.

Love this one =)

I asked Kai to show me her favorite way her Dad holds her and she hopped right up into his arms. What a good Dad this man is. 

The "Boys"

DeAnne loves black and white pictures, so I did LOTS of black and white for them.
I love how this one turned out.

This picture makes me teary. DeAnne is such a precious Mom to her two kids. 

Look at those eyes!
What a beautiful girl she is-- inside and out.

Hard to believe this sweet and gentle boy can break boards in two! 

Love the smile here; so handsome.

These two were definitely made for each other.
Such a perfect pair.

DeAnne had cancer last year and met it head on with a strength from her deep abiding walk with Christ. Truly an example to me in so many ways. It is just amazing to watch someone whose life reflects Christ even in the midst of trials. 

We were waiting for Steve to grab Bella from the car and Kai just hopped on
here and posed. I loved it. 

Bella arrives on the scene. =) Love this dog.
She fits so perfectly with this family-- sweet and gentle. 

And then our light was gone and shoot was over. Thank you so much, DeAnne, for your family's friendship and for asking me to do this shoot. It was such a joy to spend time with the four of you. 
"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you." Philippians 1:3



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